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Construction Engineer

Services & Process

Our Services

Roof Construction




Minimalistic Kitchen


House with a Backyard


Construction Workers at Sunset

Our Process

1.  Customer sends an email or calls Anderson - Talks about what they want done​

2. Anderson sets a time to come to their home for a free quote / consultation​

3. This will help Anderson develop a Scope, Timeline, and Price

​4. Anderson will send an estimate in a week

5. Once client accepts, they find an appropriate start date

Property Construction

Core Objectives

  • Specifying Project Objectives

  • Creating and Delegating Scope of Work

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Setting Performance Requirements

  • Selecting Appropriate Sub-Contractors

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board

How We Do It

  • Project Management Planning (Setting the Scope)

  • Cost Management (Budgeting)

  • Time Management (Scheduling)

  • Quality Management (Setting Appropriate Performance Requirements)

  • Contract Administration (Writing Agreements)

  • Safety Management (Keeping our Crew Safe)

  • Construction Management Professional Practice (Following all guidelines of my association)

Image by Jason Briscoe
Image by Scott Blake

For a full understanding on Construction Management, you can go to the Construction Management Association of America’s (CMAA) website. 

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